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  • To Ceri Long in Axminster for her very kind donation and we hope her journey through her genealogical background is successful, and we look forward to a visit from Jessie Owen Long. He will be made most welcome.
  • To St Nicholas School for your kind donation. You are always very welcome to visit us.
  • To Teal & Mackrill Ltd, our paint and marine coating suppliers, for both their excellent products and their sponsorship of the World Barge Pulling Championships.
  • To Karen Rhodes at Kineteco for your kind and generous help with Mermaid's starter motor. Alfred, and the rest of the Society, is now a friend for life.
  • To The Defence School of Transport at Leconfield, and especially Corporal Lee Rippon, for the kind donation of £100.
  • To St Mary’s Church of England Primary School for their generous donation of £52 following a visit by the children to the Syntan.
    (See Testimonials for comments by some of the children).