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  • A Skipper's Life

    I became a boat owner, engineer, bookkeeper and employer at 21 years of age, following my father's death. I had to grow up fast and was determined to be the wealthiest boat owner in the area... read more (PDF format)

  • Bargee's Story

    I left school at 15 years of age on Friday 24th March 1961 and started work on the barges with captain Cyril Lister, as mate on the MV Goodwill based at E.V. Waddington's boatyard at Swinton, South Yorkshire... read more (PDF format)

  • Bills Blog 1

    Bill Cooper was born and bred down Beckside and is now a very healthy and fit pensioner giving technical advice to the Society about events and times of the people of the area. No one does it better than Bill.... read more (PDF format)

  • Bills Blog 2

    Tommy Coleman had a butchers shop on Beckside and Mr Voase had a butchers shop in Flemingate. They would work together sometimes, as Mr Voase had a slaughter house to the rear of his shop and it was convenient for both of them to slaughter beasts in the one place... read more (PDF format)

  • Bills Blog 3

    The Beverley Corporation Gas House, which was situated just off Beckside, produced and provided all of Beverley with gas for cooking and lighting from the early 1800s up to 1960 when North Sea Gas came on stream... read more (PDF format)

  • Bills Blog 4

    On Potter Hill there was a large house with some six to eight rooms, lovingly known as Tommy Clark's Lodging House where men of all ages, usually down on their luck or out of house and home, would live for a small rent, paid to Tommy in cash each and every week without fail... read more (PDF format)

  • Bills Blog 5

    From 1933 onwards, Beckside, Potter Hill and the adjacent areas of Flemingate, West Terrace, Brougham Row, Holme Church Lane, Figham Pastures, Barmston Drain, River Hull and the Beck became a part of my life and fascinated me with its characters, its industry and the way of life in a tiny tight knit community... read more (PDF format)