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With the Syntan now a static resource moored on Beverley Beck she is available for hire as a meeting venue. She is fully equipped with audio-visual equipment and is ideal for presentations and training in a unique environment.

Details of our proposed 2024 SUN trips are given below.

Details of 2024 SYNTAN events to follow.

Sun docked

MV Sun Public Trips in 2024:

PROVISIONAL PROGRAMME 2024 SUN TRIPS as at 4th January 2024 @ 4 Jan 24:
Date Turning point Depart
Beverley Beckside
as at
4th January 2024
@ 4 Jan 24
Price per person
- deposit information below
Friday 12th April Arram Beck 9.30am 10 £17.50
Friday 26th April Struncheon Hill 8.30am 12 £37
Saturday 11th May Aike Beck 9.00am 12 £27
Monday 27th May Aike Beck 9.30am 12 £27
Sunday 9th June Aike Beck 8.30am 12 £27
Tuesday 25th June Aike Beck 9.00am 12 £27
Saturday 29th June Aike Beck 12.30pm 12 £27
Tuesday 9th July Aike Beck 9.00am 5 £27
Friday 26th July Aike Beck 10.30am 12 £27
Friday 9th August Aike Beck 10.00am 12 £27
Wednesday 21st August Aike Beck 8.00am 12 £27
Saturday 7th September Aike Beck 9.30am 12 £27
Saturday 21st September Struncheon Hill 9.00am 12 £37
Saturday 5th October Aike Beck 8.30am 12 £27
Saturday 20th October Struncheon Hill 8.30am 12 £37

Departure from Cranehill wharf, Beckside, Beverley HU17 0GG

Deposit of £5 per person for Aike Beck or £7 per person for Struncheon Hill is payable when booking.

Sun Day Charters

The whole boat for your group - max 12 people

Charters to Aike Beck: 5-6 hours, £265 including a £25 deposit on booking.

Charters to Arram Beck: 4-5 hours, £200 including a £25 deposit on booking.

Charters to Struncheon Hill Lock: 8-9 hours, £360 including £30 deposit on booking.

For day charters you hire the boat, which will be crewed by BBPS members.

Sun is a spacious barge, licensed to carry a maximum of 12 passengers. There is a wheelchair lift, a toilet with disabled access, a small gas hob and heating if required. Please bring along your own food and any drinks other than tea and instant coffee, which is provided. You can even have a party!

The date and time of departure can be tailored to your requirements subject to restrictions imposed on us by the tide.

A map showing the route from Beverley Beck, through Grovehill Lock and onto the River Hull is provided and the crew will try to answer your questions.

Details in print format: Proposed Public Trips and Charters on Sun 2024

Sun docked

MV Syntan Public Trips

We should be running one way trips between Beverley Beck and Hull Marina on MV Syntan in 2024.

Finalised 2024 dates will appear here when available.

Trips between Beverley Beckside and Hull last approximately 5 hours.

A deposit of £30 for full boat charter, is payable when booking.

To enquire about MV Syntan trips please call/text 07951 544008, or email on

For bookings or information call or text 07951 544008, or email on

To give you a flavour of our boats and facilities we've created a short video presentation:

School parties are very welcome and the floating museum concept gives schoolchildren of all ages the chance to see what life was once like on the Beck, and on the barges that plied their trade between Hull Docks and Beverley.

Why not consider the Syntan as a future party venue? We can supply everything you need to make it go with a nautical swing.

If you require further information call or text 07951 544008, or by email on

Photos of charters.